Friday, March 28, 2008


Today has been a great day. Joel, Zachy, and I were going to have breakfast this morning, but we didn't manage to get out as early as we planned. Instead, we went to have lunch together. Then we went to look for some plants to freshen up our front beds.

When we got home, we worked out in the yard. Joel is still working out there right now. He wanted to thin out some of the shrubs that the contractor had planted. I have to say it does look better. I'll have to plant some annuals later.

Yesterday we were going to go to Lake Charles to see Joel's grandmother. ( I'm sure we would have stopped in DeRidder to see some of my family too) However, Zachary had not been feeling well. We went to the doctor. He had a sore throat and an ear infection. We decided Me Me didn't need that. So, we didn't make that trip.

Well, I guess I better sign off for now. I am thankful to say that Zachary is feeling much better today. He has done his share of digging. I think he is digging right now.

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Rusty said...

Hope you all get better. We sure missed Zachary in nursery this morning. All I had were Morgan and Alex. Get well soon!