Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Sister’s Visit

zach 3 years 004Zach enjoys eating at “Molley’s”, but it so much more fun with some cousins…..  zach 3 years 008

Uncle Joel rented the kids a jumping tent for the day.  I’m glad he did.  It sure kept 6 kids occupied. 

zach 3 years 023 zach 3 years 024

The kids had such a fun time being together.  It is too bad that they live so many miles apart. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Easter Weekend!

zach 3 years 064 

Nana brought Zach his Easter prize before we left for DeRidder.  

zach 3 years 020

I think Mom and Dad were more worried about his head than he was. 

zach 3 years 060

Zach enjoyed getting to see his cousin Skye. 

zach 3 years 063

Karl, Warren, and Heather……zach 3 years 061

Zach had fun looking for eggs at Uncle Keith’s house.

zach 3 years 065

He got to see his PaPaw Hoffpauir.zach 3 years 064

Uncle John and Kenzie counted their eggs.  :0

zach 3 years 104

On Monday morning, Joel decided we needed to see some real Louisiana country.  So we headed to Cameron. 

    zach 3 years 112

zach 3 years 086

Look at that gator! 

zach 3 years 101

Zach and Jamie picked flowers for us. 

zach 3 years 105

Zach was one worn out little guy.  zach 3 years 120

Joel wanted to take Zach to see the Gulf.  John wanted to do a little Gulf golf.  Joel got to hit one out into the gulf. 

zach 3 years 157

My sister has 5 kids.      

zach 3 years 138

I have Zach. 

zach 3 years 128 zach 3 years 162zach 3 years 130

Well, we had a great time with our family.  On our way home we stopped by MeMe’s for a few minutes and Zach got to feed the fish.  

zach 3 years 179

Then we met Keith, Debbie, Arnold, Crystal, Amanda,  John, Becky, and their kids in Leesville for a meal.  What a busy weekend. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


 zach 3 years 116

zach 3 years 102

Zach had a fun time dying eggs.  I love to hear his giggle each time we put dye into the cup.  I also loved his “sailboat” egg. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sara’s Birthday !

zach 3 years 037

Sara, my niece, turns 5 on Sunday.  Wow!  I’ll never forget the day this pretty little girl was born.  Time flies.  

zach 3 years 023

She celebrated her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

zach 3 years 025

Here’s little Morgan high in the air. 

zach 3 years 026 

I’m no photographer….I have a hard time getting Zach to look.  He just says “Cheese”  and keeps looking in his own direction.  Oh, well.

zach 3 years 035zach 3 years 055

Race car driving Zach. 

zach 3 years 070 

Autumn came home with us so Zach took her for a little ride on his tractor.  

zach 3 years 068

He even gave her a pretty bouquet of flowers. 

Well, not really.  He would have given her a bouquet of sticks. (Well, she did help him load up some sticks too)  She picked her own flowers.  He’s all boy and she’s all girl.  :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


zach 3 years 002 zach 3 years 010 zach 3 years 019

Zachy and I are enjoying our time at home. We went to the park the other day…and ended up mostly just playing in the sand with some buckets someone left.  What fun!