Monday, July 11, 2011

A Candy Buffet for a 40th Birthday!

summer 2011 028

I recently had fun gathering candy to make a candy buffet for a SURPRISE 40th Birthday party!  I couldn’t find many ideas out there for a 40th birthday candy buffet.  So, I found a list of candies from the 70’s and put together my own. 

summer 2011 029

You can’t have a birthday around the Robinson’s without a Roses are Red poem…..So, Joel had to write a profound one to be framed. 

summer 2011 031 summer 2011 033 summer 2011 034 summer 2011 035 summer 2011 036

We had tons of candy….and probably tons of CAVITIES!  Oh, well!  We’ll deal with that later!


June Robinson said...

It was such fun. Thanks Jenny for all the candy.

Jennifer said...

You are welcome and thanks for your help! Also, thanks for leaving comments! I guess you are the only one that visits!:)