Thursday, July 30, 2009


"Look! Look, Mom! Come here!"

I hurried to the front door to see what I was supposed to be seeing.

"Look, the sun!" I saw some bright clouds floating by as the rain slowly drizzled down. It has been raining for the last few days.

"Yes, it's bright. But it is still raining a little," I replied.

"No, he's tired."

"Who's tired?" I asked.

"Rain's tired. I want Jesus to make it stop storming."


June Robinson said...

How sweet! I love that little boy. Take care of him while I am gone. Jenny, don't forget about going to Tuesday Morning next Saturday for the Elmo station.

Robbie said...

Zack, you are too smart. I know you would like it to stop raining so you could go outside. Love ya!

Robbie said...

next time zack ask mommy if u can go play in the rain.

love chloe