Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I’m having a good time teaching kindergarten!

school 2010-2011 004

Our students are learning about the United States and their state Louisiana. 

school 2010-2011 007

They are also learning to find it on a globe. 

school 2010-2011 010 

D says d as in dinosaur….d d d.  Dinosaurs make good counters. 

school 2010-2011 015

We love puzzles.

school 2010-2011 016

We’re learning to write in cursive.  After the shaving cream activity, they have begged for it regularly. 

school 2010-2011 022

school 2010-2011 020

What fun!

school 2010-2011 041

F is for fox and fish……

school 2010-2011 031

We went fishing for a tournament to find out how much money we earned.  We counted out our pennies.  The wind on that boat really blew Sara’s hair.  :)

school 2010-2011 039

We counted our goldfish and put them in a pond.  Mmmmm.  We couldn’t hardly keep them out of our mouths. 

Zach comes to school a couple days a week.  He is doing a good job keeping up!  On the days he misses, he asks, “What did ya’ll learn today, Mom?” 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day with Mom!

 school 2010-2011 027school 2010-2011 023   We went to the Boardwalk.  We bought our first Build a Bear.  What fun!  school 2010-2011 031  Usually, Zach can’t stand to be in the cart.  However, he wanted to be in the cart at Paper Shack.  Why?  There is plenty of scary creatures by the front door.  He hates going there.  school 2010-2011 037school 2010-2011 032 school 2010-2011 033

We ended up at the Pumpkin Patch where he loaded my wagon full of pumpkins.  I think we bought too many….but it supported a good cause. 

Enjoying the Fall Weather!!!

school 2010-2011 001 school 2010-2011 002  school 2010-2011 004  school 2010-2011 006

Zach has been enjoying the great outdoors lately.  He heads outside most days when we get home.  I think he plays on his new outdoor equipment more now than he did all summer.