Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I’m having a good time teaching kindergarten!

school 2010-2011 004

Our students are learning about the United States and their state Louisiana. 

school 2010-2011 007

They are also learning to find it on a globe. 

school 2010-2011 010 

D says d as in dinosaur….d d d.  Dinosaurs make good counters. 

school 2010-2011 015

We love puzzles.

school 2010-2011 016

We’re learning to write in cursive.  After the shaving cream activity, they have begged for it regularly. 

school 2010-2011 022

school 2010-2011 020

What fun!

school 2010-2011 041

F is for fox and fish……

school 2010-2011 031

We went fishing for a tournament to find out how much money we earned.  We counted out our pennies.  The wind on that boat really blew Sara’s hair.  :)

school 2010-2011 039

We counted our goldfish and put them in a pond.  Mmmmm.  We couldn’t hardly keep them out of our mouths. 

Zach comes to school a couple days a week.  He is doing a good job keeping up!  On the days he misses, he asks, “What did ya’ll learn today, Mom?” 

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