Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPrINg Break 2012

  2012 MISC 008

We had a great Spring Break this year.  We spent some time at home relaxing, cleaning, working outdoors, and of course studying Math facts. 

2012 MISC 034

We headed off to Dallas for a few days.  Zach really enjoyed going to Medieval Times.  He sure did his share of yelling for the blue Knight!

2012 MISC 037

We stayed at the Gaylord again this time.  Zach and I got to visit the shops and relax.  He enjoyed his blueberry muffins both mornings. 

2012 MISC 097 2012 MISC 039

We headed off to the Dallas Zoo for a day of fun!  This was what Zach really wanted to do!  It was a beautiful day for spending time at the Zoo! 

2012 MISC 098 2012 MISC 040 2012 MISC 041 2012 MISC 045 2012 MISC 046 2012 MISC 048

My 2 Main Guys! 

2012 MISC 054 2012 MISC 057 2012 MISC 060 2012 MISC 068 2012 MISC 070 2012 MISC 079 2012 MISC 084 2012 MISC 087  2012 MISC 0882012 MISC 093

What a great week!  Thank God for being able to spend time with my little family!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adding in a Little Blue~

2012 MISC 146

I got this Rooster when we went to Hot Springs while Joel was gone!  I love his cute blue hue! 

Learning in Kindergarten!

2012 MISC 117

Zach is finally getting the hang of writing in cursive. I’m so excited with his progress. 

My Little Skater…..

2012 MISC 084

or …..maybe it’s my little walker on wheels.  Anyway, he had a great time skating with his school friends.