Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break!

I am enjoying my time with my little guy this week.  However, it would be even better if I could spend it with my big guy.  It is kind of discouraging that he couldn’t take at least a day or so off this week.  Oh well, life goes on. 

Zach and I are staying busy.  We’ve done some shopping, housework, and some yard work. He’s been very happy to get to just stay home and play in the backyard.  I’ve enjoyed watching him swing, ride his tractor, and dig in the dirt.  We’ve eaten out on his little picnic table a few times.  It was so rewarding to hear him say, “Mom, you’re my best friend.” 

I’m going to do a little shopping tomorrow and hopefully take a day to do something Zach wants to do.  Sometimes it is so hard to stop when there seems like more than I can do alone to keep things going around here……lawn work, windows, baseboards, closets, ……..

I guess when life throws lemons at you, you have to make lemonade.  :)  That’s what Zach wants to do……make a lemonade stand like Max and Ruby. 


Shirley said...

Hi Jen, I hardly ever say anything but I do stop by to see your blog now and then. You do an excellent job. Zach is so big now and what a cutie. Sorry you didn't get your wish to have Joel off during this break. Take care, love you

Jennifer said...

That's okay! Thanks for stopping by! I did enjoy my time with Zach. It seems that Joel works so much and rarely takes off.....I love it when we get to spend time as a family.