Monday, May 26, 2008

Is there time to relax?

Well, I have just finished with a very busy time of the year. We finished school on Friday!:) We had a neat awards banquet. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Joel, Zach, and I are planning to go on a little weekend trip to Hot Springs. We need a few days to relax. Joel has been working until about 9 pm (or later) most nights. Zach and I see very little of him. It will be good to be able to relax together for a few days.

We had our annual church meeting last night. We didn't get out until around 10 pm. Wow! So, Zach is still sleeping this morning.

I got an invitation yesterday to the wedding of my first parent requested student. Everyone wanted Lacon in their class.----Not only was Lacon a straight A student, but you also got her mother----Mrs. Martha. Mrs. Martha would take such good care of Lacon and--------- Lacon's teachers. (I have fond memories of getting fresh Roast Beef Tacoes delivered at lunch.) Now little Lacon is all grown up and is teaching at Pickering High School. Anyway, there is one more thing that is interesting. She is marrying my nieces' (Jessica, Lanna, Heidi) cousin (on their mom's side).

Anyway, I should sign off for now. I have plenty that needs to be done. Have a good day.

Joel's Birthday Party

Joel's birthday was last Tuesday, but we celebrated it Friday evening. We had all of the Robinson family over for grilled hamburgers. He also invited a good friend and his wife from work. Joel told me several times how much he enjoyed his party. It sure makes a wife feel good to be appreciated.

JOEL AND MARCI....... He was worn out from opening all of his gifts! :)

And I was worn out from all the hard work involved in getting ready for a party. Zach's messes in the meantime also played a part in really wearing me out. He emptied salt and pepper shakers, knocked down my napkins, got into dishwasher detergent, and knocked a rooster off the top of my cabinets when a balloon got caught in the greenery. Needless to say, I was so nervous about trying to have everything in order when the guests arrived. It all worked out well.

I'm glad it turned out to be a good evening for Joel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Joel!!!!

Happy birthday to a great husband and Daddy. We love you! Love, Jenny and Zach

Monday, May 19, 2008

Greetings at the Beginning of a New Week!

Wow! It is so hard to believe that we only have 9 more school days. It is such a busy time of the year. My students are working so hard trying to finish up their work and practice a few songs for banquet. We have really shortened their awards banquet program this year since we changed curriculums. Hopefully next year we will be on schedule again for a regular program.

Zach is into everything lately. I am so ready for summer so that I can work with him on this digging thing. Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope.

My brother Karl had a heart attack last week. I was busy visiting with him and being with him in the hospital here. The doctor was really straight with him and warned him to change his lifestyle. He told him that his only answer was prayer.

Juniors is off to a great start. Last night we did an object lesson with bubbles. The kids had so much fun. Hopefully they will remember how our life is like a bubble.

Hope all is well with everyone out in blogging land.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Working Outside!!!

Zach and I have been working outside for the last few days. We finished up a little flowerbed I started last week. I posted a picture of it taken from inside my living room.
I tried to pose the working boy on one of rocking chairs on the back patio. However, he got off as quick as I put him on it. Later, he posed himself by the flowerbed. I thought it was a cute shot of a hard working little boy.
Well, I have plenty of errands to run. I also have a cranky little working boy to put to sleep. I'll post again later.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

At the Doctor!

Yesterday found us at the DOCTOR! Yuck! Zach hadn't been feeling too well and had been running a fever. I took him to the doctor. He had another bad sore throat. The blood work showed that it was viral this time. So, basically there's not much we can do but wait it out.

Yesterday, while Zach was taking a nice long nap, I was able to work on a flower bed in my back yard. I had a little more to do when he awakened. He sat and watched me finish.

Well, I guess I should go. I have plenty that needs to be done. It would sure make it a little nicer if the sun would come out.

I hope you all have a great day.