Monday, May 26, 2008

Is there time to relax?

Well, I have just finished with a very busy time of the year. We finished school on Friday!:) We had a neat awards banquet. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Joel, Zach, and I are planning to go on a little weekend trip to Hot Springs. We need a few days to relax. Joel has been working until about 9 pm (or later) most nights. Zach and I see very little of him. It will be good to be able to relax together for a few days.

We had our annual church meeting last night. We didn't get out until around 10 pm. Wow! So, Zach is still sleeping this morning.

I got an invitation yesterday to the wedding of my first parent requested student. Everyone wanted Lacon in their class.----Not only was Lacon a straight A student, but you also got her mother----Mrs. Martha. Mrs. Martha would take such good care of Lacon and--------- Lacon's teachers. (I have fond memories of getting fresh Roast Beef Tacoes delivered at lunch.) Now little Lacon is all grown up and is teaching at Pickering High School. Anyway, there is one more thing that is interesting. She is marrying my nieces' (Jessica, Lanna, Heidi) cousin (on their mom's side).

Anyway, I should sign off for now. I have plenty that needs to be done. Have a good day.

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