Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 25

Christmas 2011 068 Christmas 2011 069 Christmas 2011 071 Christmas 2011 080 Christmas 2011 084 Christmas 2011 086

This is what he thought about Christmas!  Silly boy!

Christmas 2011 087

Nah, not really!  “I was just playing!”

Christmas 2011 089 Christmas 2011 090  Christmas 2011 094

Sara and Zach had been wanting Wuggle Pets.  They slipped off to Sara’s room to start making them.  I love little hands!

Christmas 2011 103 Christmas 2011 187


We had a great Christmas!  We have so much to be thankful for.  We spent several hours at home together getting ready for lunch and playing with new toys. 

We went back to the Robinson’s to eat around 4 PM.   We ate and played games.  What a good day! 

Thank you God for sending your Son that we may have eternal hope!  I hope to someday see my mother and loved ones again! 

Day 24

Christmas 2011 041 Christmas 2011 046 Christmas 2011 047

On Christmas Eve, Zach and I stayed around the house and did a little preparing for Christmas Day.  Later that evening, we went to Belks and of course “Chick a La!”.  We got ready to go to a Christmas Eve Service at Church!

Christmas 2011 053

After Church, we went to MaMaw’s house for our traditional gumbo and meat pies.  Later, we opened presents from MaMaw and Pops.  Then we headed off to Nana and Papaw’s to open presents from them. 

Christmas 2011 057

Zach came home and played with his new boat from Nana and put out cookies and Dr. Pepper for Santa.  Santa likes Dr. Pepper.  Mom and Dad got the car loaded with packages and clothes for the night.  We headed off to stay at Aunt Misty’s so we could have Christmas with the family Christmas morning! 

Christmas 2011 064

Monday, December 26, 2011

Zachy Memory!

Tonight we went to Steve and Misty’s for the game and dinner.  Zach told me that he was going to be nice to Sara.  He wasn’t going to be bad to her ever again.  He said that the Bible says to be kind to another.  “It says that Jesus was born in Betherham.  Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph.   Is it really true, Mom?”  Yes, indeed it is! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 23 Family Fun!

Christmas 2011 239 Christmas 2011 214 Christmas 2011 221 Christmas 2011 228 Christmas 2011 232 Christmas 2011 233

Christmas 2011 229 Christmas 2011 231

Day 22

Christmas 2011 244

Day 21 Christmas Cleaning!


Christmas 2011 187

Day 20---Happy Birthday!

moms birthday2

Look at all those candles!

moms birthday

It took a whole team to light them all! 

moms birthday1 

We didn’t even have to call the fire department to put them out.  Happy Birthday to great mother in law!  Happy Birthday, MOM! 

Day 19---Wrapped Presents!

Christmas 2011 248

Day 18 The Shepherd’s Story!

Christmas Program 2011 2 Christmas Program 2011

Day 17

Christmas 2011 262 Christmas 2011 263

My friend at work had this nice apron made for me for Christmas.  She was so excited to see me open it.  I love it!  It says Shake, Rattle, and Roll!  Jenny’s Kitchen! 

Day 16—P is for Party….Christmas Party!

Christmas 2011 114

Day 15 Reindeer at School!

This little school reindeer wanted to sleep.  Christmas 2011 015

So he laid down and off he to Dream Land he went…..

Christmas 2011 016Soon 2 other little reindeer joined him!  One was very sad to see her other friends sleeping when she was ready to play!  The end.   

Christmas 2011 017

Day 14

Christmas 2011 261

Day 13 Christmas from the Kitchen!

Christmas 2011 265

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 12

Christmas 2011 034

I found this Ho Ho Ho in the $2.50 section at Target.  I put it in the middle of a wreath for added fun and color!

Day 11---I know I’m very LATE!

 Christmas 2011 010

Zach had been begging for nights to make his Gingerbread house!  So, last week we planned a night for this work of art to take place.  We ordered in food from TaMolley’s and then set out to have FUN!  Dad did a great job with the construction and the application of the icing.  Zach and I put on the candy. 

Christmas 2011 043

Zach realized that there was a lot of work to putting one together!  After working a long time, he said, “This is a lot of work.”  He told us he was going to make us cards and came back with these. 

Christmas 2011 044

All 3 of us had a great time working together as a FAMILY.  It made for a great Christmas Memory!  :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joys of Christmas!

I always enjoy participating in Melissa’s joys of Christmas!  I never seem to begin on the right day, but always seem to catch up.  I have posted days 1 through 10 today! 

I haven’t posted lately since I lost my camera after vacation.  I am sick.  I lost all of my pictures from the school Thanksgiving feast and our family’s Thanksgiving vacation.  Although I have bought a new camera, I still pray that I find my other one. 

Day 10

Christmas 2011 062

Every day this week the kids send in prizes for a pal.  Zach loved his gift for today. 

Day 9

Christmas 2011 083

Today we did Christmas crafts at school!  I love the expression in Zach’s eyes as he watches his Aunt Misty swirl paint around inside his ornament! 

Day 8

Christmas 2011 105

Mr. Soldier finds himself at home next to our Christmas tree! I wasn’t sure I liked him where my husband perched him.  I think I like him though. 

Day 7

Christmas 2011 111

Every year, Zach gets ornaments from his Nana.

Christmas 2011 113

I love Zach’s sock monkey ornament he got from his Ma Maw who also gets him an ornament each year!