Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Big Start!

This year I chose to decorate my school room with the nautical theme. The kids really like it---especially the Captain's collection. They like to shop in the school store with their points. Thanks goes to my mother-in-law for helping me! Also, several students helped me get it ready for the big day. I used to be able to work on my classroom for many days and many long hours. However, Zach came along and changed all of that. Now, I have to beg for help.

The viewing deck near the door is one of my favorite attractions on the PNA Cruiser.

My students enjoy getting treats from the canoe. Look! There are dolphins right outside the portholes.
Through the crab shack window in the back of the ship's cabin, more dolphins are leaping from the water.
We are going to put some pilings around the crab shack. We just haven't got it completed yet.

Michael and Ashlan are watching their 6th grade ABeka videos. They really work together well.

Here are the 5th graders watching their video for the day.

Well, school is off to a great start. The students are working hard! Today they enjoyed a short break from school. We were planning to go on field trip to the lake where they would be able to enjoy a ride on Brother Steve's boat. However, we were rained out. Instead, they got to go eat ice cream and play some games at school. They were good sports despite the change of plans.

This year we have 18 students. We will be getting two more next week making a grand total of 20. There are 17 in my learning center ranging from 1-1oth grades. Wow! Needless to say, I stay very busy. However, I have a great helper who helps me get all of that scoring done.

I planned to get some pictures from the first day, but I forgot my camera. We had parents and grandparents eat with students at a special back to school breakfast. Then they were invited up to the school to see the school and participate in the beginning of year activities. It all went well.
Well, I guess I should go. I just thought I would share a little about our school year so far. Have a great evening.


Susette said...

I'm impressed, Jenny!! You did a wonderful job making your room interesting and fun.

Are you doing all ABeka video or just some of the grades? Kurtis is doing 11th grade ABeka this year. Geometry and Chemistry in the same year?!! Yup!

Good to see your pictures.

Jennifer said...

The whole school switched to the Abeka video system last year. The kids had a hard time adjusting last year, but seem to be doing better this year. I really like the program. Have a good day!

Candles said...

Ashlan is in 6th grade?!?! Wow!! They are growing up way too fast!!!

Melissa said...

I like it. The blue and the red are now equal!!!!:)