Tuesday, July 26, 2011

F is for Firefighter!

summer 2011 018 summer 2011 019 summer 2011 020

Zach came out recently all decked out in his firefighter gear including his puppy and flashlight.  I was able to catch a few cute pictures. 

S is for Summer and School!

 summer 2011 012summer 2011 011  summer 2011 010

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Candy Buffet for a 40th Birthday!

summer 2011 028

I recently had fun gathering candy to make a candy buffet for a SURPRISE 40th Birthday party!  I couldn’t find many ideas out there for a 40th birthday candy buffet.  So, I found a list of candies from the 70’s and put together my own. 

summer 2011 029

You can’t have a birthday around the Robinson’s without a Roses are Red poem…..So, Joel had to write a profound one to be framed. 

summer 2011 031 summer 2011 033 summer 2011 034 summer 2011 035 summer 2011 036

We had tons of candy….and probably tons of CAVITIES!  Oh, well!  We’ll deal with that later!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jesus is Going to be Mad in your heart!

First thing this morning, Zach came to me as usual with his morning breath.  I hugged him tight.  Many times I’ll say aloud as I hold him close.  “Dear Jesus, thank you for my boy!”  This morning I changed it.  “Dear Jesus, thank you for my stinky little boy.”  He didn’t like it.  “Mom, Jesus is going to be mad in your heart.  He doesn’t like you saying that.  He’s going to be doing this.”  He hit himself on the chest randomly. 

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have said that!  I am thankful for my my little guy!  I don’t want Jesus to be mad in my heart either. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Snow Cones For Sale!

summer 2011 016summer 2011 017summer 2011 001summer 2011 025 summer 2011 005

Upside down signs work well!

summer 2011 006 summer 2011 007 summer 2011 008 summer 2011 013  

I’m tired!

summer 2011 018

Mark was a good sport to help!

summer 2011 021  summer 2011 032


Cabo 2011!

cabo 2011 016 cabo 2011 017 cabo 2011 030  cabo 2011 080 cabo 2011 102 cabo 2011 103 cabo 2011 133 cabo 2011 138 cabo 2011 140

We thought this guy looked a lot like Vance---especially from the back! 

cabo 2011 159  cabo 2011 167 cabo 2011 170  cabo 2011 179 cabo 2011 181

Look the guys could even get a job at the dealerships!

cabo 2011 182 cabo 2011 183 cabo 2011 184 cabo 2011 187 cabo 2011 193

On our way home, the cab driver stopped for us to get a final picture! 

We did take some professional photos while we were there.  What fun!

We enjoyed our time away, and we look forward to a vacation to Branson soon!  Thank the Lord for family times! 


cabo 2011 006 cabo 2011 010 cabo 2011 011 cabo 2011 015 cabo 2011 016 cabo 2011 025 cabo 2011 022 cabo 2011 023 cabo 2011 030 cabo 2011 032 cabo 2011 033

I don’t know what to say about these pictures, but I do know that the guys could tell you a story or two.  I am sure glad to see that they all have a picture with their lucky catch. 

We saw the Carnival Splendor pull into port at the Cabo Marina. The guys got a closer look from their fishing boat. 

I don’t think they’ll be able to go on their fishing trips without us any longer.  Cabo sure seems more enticing after this trip.  :)