Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 24

Christmas 2011 041 Christmas 2011 046 Christmas 2011 047

On Christmas Eve, Zach and I stayed around the house and did a little preparing for Christmas Day.  Later that evening, we went to Belks and of course “Chick a La!”.  We got ready to go to a Christmas Eve Service at Church!

Christmas 2011 053

After Church, we went to MaMaw’s house for our traditional gumbo and meat pies.  Later, we opened presents from MaMaw and Pops.  Then we headed off to Nana and Papaw’s to open presents from them. 

Christmas 2011 057

Zach came home and played with his new boat from Nana and put out cookies and Dr. Pepper for Santa.  Santa likes Dr. Pepper.  Mom and Dad got the car loaded with packages and clothes for the night.  We headed off to stay at Aunt Misty’s so we could have Christmas with the family Christmas morning! 

Christmas 2011 064

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