Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're Back!

Joel, Zach, and I went to Hot Springs for a week to join some of our family for a vacation. We returned home last night!

Zach enjoyed being able to swim, swim, swim and being able to be with his dad, dad, dad. I have learned that I am not too important when Dad is around. Well, at least until Dad disciplines Zach. Then I'm pretty important, and that usually starts another round of disciplining. :)

Last Saturday, Joel took our lawn mower to the shop. Zach was not too happy that the man was taking Mom's mower. He talked about it several times this week. He wanted to throw the man in the trash. Well, Joel was going to go get it this morning. So, he thought it would be a good idea for Zach to go along with him. So we woke him up, and Joel invited him to go along for a ride to the lawn mower shop! Zach was beside himself. He bolted out of the bed with great excitement. He was happy that the man fixed the mower for MOM!

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