Friday, April 2, 2010

Sara’s Birthday !

zach 3 years 037

Sara, my niece, turns 5 on Sunday.  Wow!  I’ll never forget the day this pretty little girl was born.  Time flies.  

zach 3 years 023

She celebrated her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

zach 3 years 025

Here’s little Morgan high in the air. 

zach 3 years 026 

I’m no photographer….I have a hard time getting Zach to look.  He just says “Cheese”  and keeps looking in his own direction.  Oh, well.

zach 3 years 035zach 3 years 055

Race car driving Zach. 

zach 3 years 070 

Autumn came home with us so Zach took her for a little ride on his tractor.  

zach 3 years 068

He even gave her a pretty bouquet of flowers. 

Well, not really.  He would have given her a bouquet of sticks. (Well, she did help him load up some sticks too)  She picked her own flowers.  He’s all boy and she’s all girl.  :)


June Robinson said...

So cute. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Melissa said...

Awww!!! Thats so cute :) Thanks for the pictures Morgan is in love with them.. well more the fact that shes in some.. *sigh*