Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Busy, Busy, BUSY! These are three words that describe my life lately. I'm trying to finish up on school, and it seems that things are waiting to the last minute to fall in place. However, I guess it usually happens that way anyway.

I had to hurry home this evening to turn the water off that I forgot on. It only watered the same spot for 8 hours. I was sick when I remembered that I left it on. We have to pay about the same amount for sewer as we pay for water. Our bill is going to be huge again this month. It does help that it has been raining alot lately, so we haven't had to water so much. Maybe it won't be too bad.

Zach has kept me on the discipline trail lately. He keeps me rather busy with all of the tantrums he has been throwing. I guess he is almost 2. He is going through the woeful 2's a little early.

Well, I guess I should go for the evening.

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