Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a Little Reader!

It is so fun to see how much Zach is learning! I read him Corduroy tonight! I guess the teacher in me is glad to see that he comprehends well. I asked him "What did Corduroy lose? "wost a button!" Yeah for Zachy!


Holly said...

Hey, Jenny, I heard after I got home about the mess the kids made during preachers meeting. I questioned my kids and they had been back there too. I wanted to apologize for the mess. I had no clue they were even back there. I was pretty out of it at preachers meeting. I'm sorry, though.

Anyway, Zachy is such a cutie, I love it when they read. Holly

June Robinson said...

What a pwecious wittle boy. I love to squeeze him tight.

Robbie said...

That boy is just to smart. We were at Walmarts and out of all the food/candy he could have picked out there, he wanted "fen fries," so guess what he got.

Love, Aunt Rob

Melissa said...

He is so precious!!!! I think Lissas' almost won herself another little friend!