Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9 ----It’s a Drawing!


Leave a comment telling about your favorite Christmas decoration!  You’ll be entered in a drawing for a Christmas Package from the Robinson’s.  The cut-off time will be Sunday at 12 AM.  Have fun! 


Charity said...

Oh, fun!! I love drawings! :) My favorite would have to be the Christmas lights! I love how the world is lit up so beautifully!!

Melissa said...

I love all Christmas decorations but I guess one of my favorite things would have to be my tree. My tree is decorated with ornaments that hold so many happy memories and a few that are just a little sad.
Love seeing all you cute daily pictures.

Jennifer Truitt said...

This sounds like fun!! So far I have never won anything in a drawing but...this may be my lucky day! :) I have to say Christmas decorating is a lot of work but, it is the most rewarding thing when it is all done! It's really hard to pick a favorite but I think I would have to say that garland wrapped with white lights and hung around windows, over doors, on the front porch railing has to be my favorite! Your house looks so pretty!!! Hope you have a great week!