Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011!

summer 2011 028 

We enjoyed eating at Lamberts! 

We rented a boat several days and spent the days on Table Rock Lake…relaxing and swimming!

summer 2011 039 

Zach really enjoyed getting to see and feed the animals at a drive through animal safari last year.  So….we headed back this year.  I think more than Zach enjoyed it this year!

summer 2011 048

So much that kisses were given. 

summer 2011 049 summer 2011 057 summer 2011 059 summer 2011 070 summer 2011 080 summer 2011 081 summer 2011 083

summer 2011 085  We went to Silver Dollar City several days since we have season passes.  Dad and Mom even got in on the fun!  I was surprised Mom braved the Powder Keg.  summer 2011 004summer 2011 008summer 2011 010

Zach really enjoyed spraying water! 

summer 2011 021 summer 2011 023 summer 2011 027 summer 2011 037

This year he managed to keep his hands still enough to get a wax hand.  I took a picture of it in case it didn’t make it home.  It did!

summer 2011 039 summer 2011 043 summer 2011 045 summer 2011 046

Last summer and this summer we rented a house in this village for the week.  We enjoyed our lil red house for the week. 

summer 2011 048 summer 2011 053 summer 2011 054 summer 2011 055  summer 2011 061

Zach posing by the police car at the village. 

summer 2011 068 summer 2011 075

We enjoyed our little vacation.The time came when we had to head home!   It seemed to fly by this year.  I told Joel that it was one of the fastest vacations I had ever been on…..He agreed. 

summer 2011 076

Zach had a great time!  We were planning to stay somewhere on our way home.  Zach wanted to go to his house…we kind of did too… home we went.  I’m glad that he likes home too! 

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