Thursday, January 29, 2009


What does this tell you about our last few days? Zach came down with fever Tuesday evening! He suffered for the last few nights, so today found us at....
Dr. Rao’s office. Although, he didn’t feel the best, he still had a little energy to do a little climbing and to identify things around the room that were Rao’s. He was quick to let me know that the little blue jacket was not Rao’s but was "Zachy’s japet".
He also did a little reading or staring at Thomas the Train. His Diagnosis? You guessed it! He has another ear infection and a sore throat to go along with it. I am thankful that he can take a antibiotic. He wasn’t too happy for the shot though. I told him that it was medicine—so, that broke his love for medicine. He didn’t want Mommy’s medicine when we got home.
But he needed it. He felt awful. He moaned and moaned. When I asked him who he wanted to talk to. He said "Rob". So we called his Aunt Robbie.
He is feeling better at the moment. How do I know? Well, he is his little busy body self.

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Brittany said...

Awww, sure hope the little guy is feeling better soon!