Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, today was a Zachy day! I took him to see his dad for lunch. He got to go around and pass out paychecks with his daddy. Then, we went to eat at Longhorn. You should have seen the tears when he had to leave Daddy!

He and I went to see the ducks, but they really didn't want to see us. They preferred swimming!

But, he had a great time playing at the park. We stayed about an hour, and he fell asleep on the way home. YEAH! That gave me the opportunity to sneak out back to work in the yard.

Here is a little clip of him at lunch! PaPaw doesn't have horses....and he knows it! :)


Melissa said...

He sure is a cutie. I can't wait to see ya'll in a few weeks.

June Robinson said...

Zack told me that Mommy made a mess when she was working in the yard. He said he doesn't like messes. Wonder where he gets that?

Jennifer said...

I wonder where! :)