Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Way to Go, Girls!

Last night, Ashlan, Hannah, and Lauran had their piano and violin recitals. Zachy and I went. Well, Zach slept through it. Ashlan was accompanied by a guest violinist, her mother.(not in this picture) Ashlan is such a hard worker and a great STUDENT!
Hannah waited her turn to get to play. Isn't she so beautiful?
Lauran was happy to be able to play. She said she was SO nervous, but she was not too nervous to smile for me!
After the recital, we all went to eat at El Chico for Sara's birthday. I can't believe Sara is 4 years old. I thought she was such an alert and beautiful baby. My how time passes!
Lauran did an awesome job playing a little tune with her teacher. She is such a sweet little girl with a great attitude!


Michelle said...

Very talented young ladies...that is nice to see. Tell me who belongs to who.I know they are Misty and Steves and Marci and Jamies but don't know who belongs where...your little guy is such a doll..

Jennifer said...

Hannah is Misty and Steve's. Ashlan and Lauran is Marci and Jamie's. They are great kids!