Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Western Round-Up!

school 2009-2010 006Howdy ya’ll !!!!  What does a teacher do if she needs her kids to work extra hard?  Well, this teacher offers incentives----sometimes big ones……really big ones involving parties at my house.  Ouch.  Why would I do something like that?

  Well, after Thanksgiving break I was really filled with anxiety about our Christmas program that was to be presented the following Friday night.   I knew we had a lot of new ground to cover, and I knew that the kiddos had lost some of their territory during the vacation.  Remember ya’ll-----We had one week left before our Christmas Program.   It seemed like a long road ahead, and I needed something to get them excited.    Boy howdy, they got excited and did another awesome job on their program. 

So, we fulfilled our promise last night with a western party.  Boy Howdy---we had some good ole’ fashioned cowboy fun. 
school 2009-2010 007

school 2009-2010 010

school 2009-2010 012 

school 2009-2010 017 school 2009-2010 013

Yee-haw!  I even got to sit down and enjoy me some grub!  Can you believe that?  Oh yeah!  Thanks Marci for keeping Zach. 

school 2009-2010 021school 2009-2010 030

The cowgirls arrived!  Ye-haw! 

school 2009-2010 057

What do you think about this grub?  Thanks Joel for having a BIG HEART and wanting to serve them something that they REALLY wanted---YOUR STEAKS.     Your steaks were delicious.  (Thanks Brother Linson for getting them started on the grill.  You helped calm my nerves.)

school 2009-2010 049

school 2009-2010 059

What about it….cowboys?  school 2009-2010 044

school 2009-2010 041

The Linsons supplied a huge cookie cake!  Thanks so much.

school 2009-2010 060

school 2009-2010 082

How ‘bout some potatoes for dessert?  That’s what these kids had-----complete with sour cream, cheese, and gravy.  It is some mighty fine grub served right alongside a chocolate chip cookie.  You can’t get any better than that.  Well, it is a potato made of ICE CREAM.  WOOOO weee! 

school 2009-2010 081   

school 2009-2010 084school 2009-2010 066

school 2009-2010 027

Ole’ Sheriff Corey earned himself the honor of being voted the best dressed cowboy.  I don’t know.  The gun might have had something to do with it.   Yehaw, 2009-2010 068

These ole’ westerners even enjoyed a few western games….like riding broomstick horses….and shooting targets with water guns.

Well, if you ask this ole teacher… these kids had a mighty fun night (and so did the adults)…..and they left a mighty tired teacher at home.   


becky said...

My your Little Dude Ranch party was quite the hill of beans. Cute, cute, cute!!!!!

becky said...

See I commented, but I can't remember my blogspot password so I used my gmail. See, I told you I cared. 2 comments now. :)

Robbie said...

Ya'll looked like you had a great time. I know Corey, Chloe and Maddie did. Thanks, Jenny, you are the BEST. Also thanks to Joel and the Linsons. Joel's steaks are the best

PS Chloe really liked the (potato) ice cream.

Susette said...

Wow, Jenny, I am impressed! It makes me tired to just look at all the work you went to but the memories you made for these kids is worth it!

June Robinson said...

Looks great. The kids really did enjoy themselves. Thanks for all you do for them.