Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Branson 2009 149 

Well, as this season draws to a close and the time to go back to school returns,  I thought I’d recount a little of  about this year’s season.  Joel, Zach, and I enjoyed some Christmas during Thanksgiving week in Branson.  We hurried home so that I could practice, practice, practice…..

Christmas Program 2009 057

with the kids to present Joyland on December 4 and 6th.  The kids came through and did an awesome job.  I didn’t get any awesome pictures of this year’s program….That’s not fun. 

christmas 2009 012  

christmas 2009 044 

During that busy 1st week of December, I managed to practice and decorate for Christmas. 

christmas 2009 084 christmas 2009 082

I was a little later than I like to be on buying and wrapping gifts.  But that didn’t matter.  I got it all done anyway.  christmas 2009 034  christmas 2009 092

Zach and his cousins with Mamaw and Pops……

christmas 2009 037

Joel, Zach, and I went to Dallas to see the ICE display.  We had a great time being together and enjoying the Christmas display. 

christmas 2009 171

I tried and tried to take Christmas pictures of Zach.  I kept getting pictures that looked like this.  Oh, well!  It’s cute anyway. 

christmas 2009 005 

Our school kids were ready to be out for Christmas.  So, on Friday, the 19th, we had a party.  Our kids found their own props and reenacted the Christmas story.  What fun they had.  Don’t you like Luke’s crown?

christmas 2009 028 christmas 2009 027 christmas 2009 026

We enjoyed grilled hamburgers at Nana’s while MeMe was here. 

christmas 2009 005

We partied in juniors.  What fun the kids had. 

christmas 2009 022

We enjoyed getting to see Joel’s MeMe.  She took the kids to Target to get to pick out their own Christmas gifts.  Can’t you imagine the fun they had?

christmas 2009 038 christmas 2009 048

Nana and Papaw and the grandkids stopped for a picture together.  Sara had to pose in a way that only she can.  christmas 2009 056

After church that night, we headed to the Robinson’s to have Christmas with MeMe before she left. 

christmas 2009 073 

Joel tried to surprise me with a new dishwasher.  However, the first time he tried the bottom came out and water went all over the floor.  He tried again Christmas week.  He thought I was gone…..I was still home.  He was not too thrilled.  Oh well I liked it.  The plumber had a little assistant…..

christmas 2009 011 

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed gumbo and meat pies at the Eguias.  We spent the night at the Robinson’s and opened gifts there Christmas morning. 

 christmas 2009 040

Why does Zach look this way on Christmas morning?  No, it wasn’t because he didn’t like his gifts.  It was because…..

christmas 2009 036

he didn’t like the gift in Sara’s baby’s diaper after she and Papaw fed it.  I think Papaw needs a baby like this next year. 

christmas 2009 096

Well, it is so good to be able to spend time with friends and family.  Zach is sure enjoying an old and new gift at the same time.  He is sitting in his little red car playing his “PS” he got for Christmas. 

I hope all of you have a Happy NEW YEAR! 

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Shirley said...

Jenny, thank you for all the Christmas pictures. I was fun to see all your sweet faces. Sorry that Zach has been sick. Have a blessed New Year.