Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hot Springs, Arkansas! Well, not really! We're home now. The whole Robinson/Eguia clan enjoyed vacationing together! Some are still there and plan to return home on Friday. We had to come home because Joel had to be back to work!
Look how excited Luke is to answer PaPaw's questions during a devotional. Jamie also gave a good object lesson on how we can change our surroundings when we are under pressure.
Everyone enjoyed a fun hike together even though it was rather hot.
Here is Pops and PaPaw with all of their younger grandchildren. As you can see Zach hiked on his PaPaw's shoulders or....
his DAD's! He was such a good little sport for being out on such a hot day!
After hiking, the kids got to play on some nice equipment at a park in Hot Springs Village. Zach liked climbing in the tunnel.
His buddy, Alex, learned how to climb the rope.
Swimming was an important part of this trip. I believe that the kids went swimming every day. Here Zach is in his orange swim suit. As soon as he got to the lake, he headed into the water toward his Pops. He fell face first into the water because of the way this suit fit him. He didn't seemed to be bothered. He loves the "wateeee"!
Look at this handsome guy----all ready for a new day!
Well, I guess it was another day of swimming. Hannah really enjoyed her swim.
And so did Zach in his blue swim suit. It seemed to do better than the orange one. However, it wasn't the answer to his fussiness.
We cooled off on the bench. Zach shared some of Alex's chips.
Later that evening we all got together to grill hamburgers. Joel and Dad waited in line to fix their burgers. Look they even smiled especially for me.
Well, we had a great time. I kind of wish we could have stayed longer. But, All good things must come to an end......And so must this Post. I'll post again soon.


Rusty said...

Great pics Jenny, glad to have you all home. Sure looks like Zach enjoyed the trip.

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation pics with us. It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time! Are you all rested up and ready to start another school year? I think we're going to start the 2nd week of Aug. I can't believe my summer is over already!
Love Ya!

Jennifer said...

We do not start until after Labor Day. I'll start preparing to go back soon. It is hard to believe it is already time for a new school year though. Love, Jenny

Melissa said...

It look like you had a really fun time!! Love the pics! Melissa