Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our 4th of July!!!

Joel, Zach, and I got up and had breakfast together. We then went out to work in the yard. Zach helped his daddy mow by riding on the mower with him. He cooled off by playing in the sprinkler. What fun he had!
The Robinson clan went fishing at a stocked pond. What fun everyone had catching fish after fish at such a beautiful place!

When Zach got to the pond, he went ahead and stripped down to his diaper. He was ready to take a splish splash.

MMMMM! Zach understands now why fish l0ve worms!

Joel and.....

Ashlan enjoyed catching fish. (I didn't get there in time to get pictures of everyone fishing.)We then headed back to Dad and Mom Robinsons to grill steaks......

and have homemade icecream. Zach wanted some of PaPaw's icecream....but it was ALL GONE!

We went outside to wait for it get we could see FIREWORKS! Do you think Marci bought Alex some boots with plenty of growing room?

Watching the fireworks and lighting sparklers was fun for everyone.....especially the kids. I hope your 4th was great also!

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Rusty said...

Looks like you all had a happy 4th!
I love the pictures. See you at church.