Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hold 'Em Up, Cowboy!

Pow, Pow! Bang, Bang! I'm sure ready for some candy, Partner!Let's go! I'm ready to round up me some candy. So off to four or five neighbors we stampede.

Wow! Look at all this loot I found. If only I could have some right now!
Let's see! This is not real cowboy grub, but it sure looks good to me!
"Ont purple, Mom!" We cowboys do like purple lolipops.
Whew! I sure am worn out! I don't know how those ole' cowboys make it. I guess a little taste of lip stuff helps relax a worn out cowboy.
Well, I planned to have Zachy dressed up to hand out candy to trick or treaters. However, this year we didn't have as many trick or treaters as we did last year. So, Zach and I went to a few of our neighbors. He really had a good time getting treats.
Later, we went to Joel's Uncle Tim's birthday party. We really had a good time. I'm sorry that I didn't get any pictures.
Well, I hope you guys have a great day! I have two little boys to watch. Alex spent the night with Zach. All went great and we all got a good night of rest! Whew!


Melissa said...

What a cute cowboy. Glad the sleepover went well and you did not have to call Marci in the middle of the night.

Jennifer Truitt said...

What an adorable little cowboy you have! It looks like he had a lot of fun as well! Aren't sleepovers great! I especially like to listen on Andrea and Emily when they stay together. It is so cute to hear the conversations they have! Hope you have a great week!

Caity said...

Hey aunt Jenny. Isn't my little cousin Zach just the cutest. Well of course. I really miss you all.