Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 13

Hot, hot, hot! Hot Chocolate. There is nothing better that reminds us of the coziness of this season than a cup of hot chocolate. Joel loves it served with hot buttered toast. However, he requests that it be made from a home-made mix like his mom made used to make for her family. I do have to admit that it is delicious.


Melissa said...

Sure have been enjoying your Christmas pictures. Zach looks so big, it is going to be fun Christmas morning at your house.

Jennifer said...

Have you been enjoying them all in the same day? I have been so busy practicing, teaching, decorating, and babysitting that I haven't got to do much blogging. I sure enjoy it though. I'll try to catch up tomorrow. Love, Jenny

Susette said...

Hey Jenny, I'd like to send you guys a Christmas card but I still have the old address! Could you email it to me?