Thursday, December 17, 2009


christmas 2009 029

Mr. Grinch?  Well, not really.  This ole’ guy is a pretty good ole’ Dad.  He slid into his mandatory parka and got ready to go see… 2009 031

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

christmas 2009 060     

As we get closer and closer to the entry way, we could feel the temperature drop.  The lady who opened the door to let us in told us to be prepared for a cold 2 degrees.  Wow!   IT WAS COLD!

   christmas 2009 041 christmas 2009 043 

The ice sculptures are neat.

christmas 2009 045christmas 2009 067

I was so cold.  I thought that I was going to slip out while Joel and Zach finished up sliding on the ice slides.   So through the exit and….

christmas 2009 068

through the ice tunnel I went only to see

christmas 2009 069

christmas 2009 071

more Grinch ice!  :0  But, the nativity at the end of the tour was amazing.  It reminded us what the season is really about.  christmas 2009 081christmas 2009 083

christmas 2009 085

After we walked out, we enjoyed hot chocolate and a treat !  What a great way to end a NEAT family experience. 

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