Monday, February 15, 2010


zach 3 years 069  Hungry for some good ole’ Louisiana crawfish, corn, and potatoes?  Well, I wasn’t really either.  zach 3 years 114

However, Joel and my niece, Heather, had a hankering for some.  Heather came over for a Saturday and joined in on the crawfish fun.  zach 3 years 074Zach wasn’t quite sure if he wanted any either.    zach 3 years 075 Still not sure………….zach 3 years 072 Wait just one minute……zach 3 years 073

Okay, if you insist.  I’ll hold one! 

Well, we sure had a good time with Heather.  I wish she could have stayed a little longer.  Maybe next time.

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