Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's time for Juniors.

We finally finished our juniors room. We began a new theme last Sunday night. It went really well. We had about 23 kids, and they responded positively.

Joel and Misty help me out with the puppets. They do a good job.

Please pray that God will help us to be a blessing to these children.


Melissa said...

The room looks great. I wish my juniors room was have the size of yours. I am sure the kids will love the "castle" theme.

Rusty said...

Looks great! It is such fun to hear the kids comments when you change the room. Thanks for all your hard work and effort for our church!

Candles said...

Since I was in there during juniors that night and can definitely say that the kids were having fun!! How could you not when you have a puppet show to watch? =)