Friday, March 27, 2009

I know this Place!

Zach and I were back at the doctor today. He knows this place too well. He talked and talked about going to Doctor Rao's office!

He walked to the back like he knew where he was going. When he got into the room, the nurse had to go get the thermometer. So, he closed the door and went to playing. He answered questions and talked to them like he was a four year old. He doesn't seem to miss a beat. He told the doctor about the pillows that I told him not to play with because of germs. So, of course, he was happy to tell Dr. Rao that they had germs on them too. :)

Well, anyway, this time she thinks he may have bronchitis or pneumonia. She said to make sure he has 3 breathing treatments a day to keep him out of the hospital. I sure hope that he can break it at home. I'm ready for allergy season to pass.


June Robinson said...

Dear Zachary,
Aunt June missed you very much at Sunday School. I went to Wal-Mart and bought you some M&M's. Please hurry and get well so you can come see me. I love you much.

Jennifer said...

"Tim" "Uhm Tim" "Uhm June" Thank you for the M&M's. Love, Zachary