Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cabo 2011

 cabo 2011 014

Joel and I enjoyed a vacation to Cabo recently with Tim and June and Joel’s parents.  Joel and Tim earned the trip from work.   Although I was reluctant to leave Zach here and leave the country, I thoroughly enjoyed my time away. 

cabo 2011 002

Joel and Tim checking in to the hotel.  We thought they were having to listen to a time share talk…..we had a good laugh watching their heads bobble. 

cabo 2011 007

When we got there our rooms were not clean so we had to wait…….cabo 2011 006      

And look down from the walkway…

cabo 2011 009

I love these plants…..

cabo 2011 012  cabo 2011 033 

Since we were without a room, June and I were waiting by the elevator! Well,….this guy in black shorts and black boots and his buddy (who always had a little too much to drink) offered to go let the hotel know that they were not happy about us waiting on our rooms.  Joel and Tim heard their conversation….and came around the corner to save the day.  (I took this picture later in the lobby to remember our black boot friend.)

 cabo 2011 153

Finally, we got our rooms.  They were wonderful!  The resort just opened in February so everything was perfect and so relaxing. 

cabo 2011 154 cabo 2011 155 cabo 2011 156

And the view and the sounds of the waves pounding the shore were to die for!!!

cabo 2011 1

We had such a good time looking down from our balcony on this view.  The pool was not ever very busy while we were there.  What a relaxing time! 

I’ll try to post more later about some of the good times we had while there. 

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June Robinson said...

Great photos Jenny. So glad you got a pic of Mr black socks. Indeed, we did have an awesome time.