Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dining Out in Cabo!

cabo 2011 017

Well, we found out that in Cabo, finding a place to eat was an experience within itself.  As you walk around the marina, you are attacked by restaurant salesmen armed with menus and beautiful platters of raw meats trying to convince you that you need to eat at their place.  Once you choose to dine at their place, you are welcomed with applause and cheers.  What a life!

 cabo 2011 008

We found out that presentation is very important. 

cabo 2011 010 cabo 2011 013 cabo 2011 014 cabo 2011 015 

I also found that Coca Cola Light in Mexico is not the same as Diet Coke. 

cabo 2011 020 cabo 2011 024

Joel found that Quesadillas in Mexico are not the same as they are here. 

cabo 2011 025

Tortilla soup is pretty good…..even if it’s windy. 

cabo 2011 139 cabo 2011 141

Mom and Dad enjoyed a love song in honor of their anniversary.  Dad even joined in on the song and paid the tip when they were done. 

cabo 2011 147

Fajitas in Mexico aren’t as good as TaMolley’s here! 

cabo 2011 158

Mmmmmm!  We enjoyed eating at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  It was my favorite place to eat while in Cabo. 

cabo 2011 002cabo 2011 034 

Look at the size of those shrimp! cabo 2011 035

They brought out wraps and heaters for us!  June was chilly there in June!  cabo 2011 037 cabo 2011 038 cabo 2011 076 cabo 2011 077

Before we flew out, Joel and I had breakfast at the hotel.  We enjoyed pancakes and omelets.  Mmmmm. 

Time sure goes by quickly when you are having fun!  Our time in Cabo didn’t break that rule! 

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June Robinson said...

Great pics, Jenny. Hope you are making me a CD!