Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Fall Vacation!

Joel, Zach, and I enjoyed a relaxing fall vacation in Branson last week. It was a great time of the year to visit Branson. We went to a few shows, shopped, went to Lamberts, Silver Dollar City, and relaxed.
Daddy took Zach to the playground most mornings to play for a little while.

Joel thought it was important for Zach to learn how to ride rides at Silver Dollar City. He took him on a rides that I didn't think was great for a 2 year older. Zachy did enjoy riding the El--e---phant.
He also enjoyed looking at the quack quacks.

We usually go to the Imax Theater Building several times during our visit. However, we didn't go until the morning we left to eat at one of our favorite places---McFarlins.
Well, I thought I should post since I kind of got behind on my posting lately. I'll try to post some other pictures later.
Have a great remainder of the week. Jenny


Jennifer Truitt said...

Hi Jenny! Your little guy is so cute and is growing up so fast!! I remeber being so excited for you all when Heidi told me he was on the way! Looks like you all had fun in Branson! We love going there. This will be the first year we haven't gone in a long time. We are going to Disney World with Make a wish for Andrea in November. Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

Hi! It was good to hear from you. We did have a good time on our vacation. We usually go to Branson at least once a year. Sometimes we go more. We saw Patti and Toya at Silver Dollar City. It is a small world after all. I hope you guys have fun in Florida. Good Evening!

McCarthy's said...

Ya'll were less than two hours away and I didn't even get to say Hi! I'm glad you guys had fun. You go Joel, make Zach tough and a dare devil and scare the wits out of his Mama.(kidding) He's growing so fast. Take care, Holly