Monday, October 20, 2008

How Fun.......and BUSY!!!!!!!

On Saturday Zach and I made our way to the pumpkin patch for what I thought would be an enjoyable morning. However, it was not quite that way for my little grumpy punkin......Smile..... No way!....This was a serious occasion.
After all, we had pumpkins to pick out. Needless to say, when I got back into my car and viewed my pictures, I was a little discouraged. How could my little punkin be so wound up and grumpy at the same time? Well, I guess some of it was due to his ear infection and some of it was that he is Zach. Also this weekend, he had his cousin Alex over for Alex's much longed for ride on Zach's tractor.
What fun they had riding in circles!
Well, anyway the boys had such fun riding the tractor until.....
the battery died. Dad had to fix it, and Zach must have paid very close attention to him plugging in the charger and removing the front grill. He knew right where the screwdriver was so that he could "fix it".
And this was an intense job. It took getting into all kinds of different positions to get the job done.
But you can't get too busy that you can't stop and say "Cheese"! Boy, I wish he would have done that Saturday.
Oh, well! I guess I'll just work on my seat instead. What? His chin? With Zach and Sara playing together, accidents are sure to happen!
Well, I guess I should go. I'll post again soon. Jenny


June Robinson said...

Cute pictures, Jenny. I love the serious look when he was picking out pumpkins. He wants to be sure to get the right one! Hope your big man has fun fishing.

Brittany said...

So cute! I think guys are just born mechanical.

McCarthy's said...

Great pictures,It's nice you have cousins his age to grow up with. He sounds like quite the little man.