Friday, August 7, 2009


Zach is still enjoying his gigantic train track in the middle of the living room. He played with it some more this morning, so I decided to get some more shots. Joel wanted me to be sure to get him some good pictures.
Zachy loves his Cranky the Crane. However, Cranky is sometimes Cranky and comes apart. So Mom gets to come to the rescue.
It sure is fun sitting in the middle of a train yard.
But there are still some important decisions to be made. For example, which train do I still need? I think it's this one.
One thing I know for certain.------- This picture taking while on train duty sure does STINK.


Brittany said...

So cute! Welcome to the Mommies of Thomas-loving-toddlers club :)

June Robinson said...

He told me about the train track in the living room. He seemed to really enjoy it. I love that little one so much. I can't believe he is almost 3.