Monday, August 17, 2009

Not feelin' too Well!

Zach hadn't been feeling the best in the world last week. So, I took him to the doctor on Friday really not knowing what was wrong. No fever...No complaints. He had another double ear infection. This time she said it was really bad. She said he must have a high tolerance for pain. Here he is waiting to see his favorite doctor....
Doctor Rao. He loves her so much...and talks about her often.
After going to the doctor, we headed back to school to work. He was a good boy, but he was still Mr. Busybody. He thought he was so funny when he was up on the bookshelf. But yet, he was scared of falling. Silly ole' boy.
He got a prize when we got his medicine refilled.....Another Thomas friend.
Well, I guess I should sign off for the day. We had a great and busy Sunday. We had about 24 kids last night in juniors for another fun night. It seems like Sundays are sooooooooooooooo busy anymore. What happened to the day of rest?


June Robinson said...

Sweet baby boy. Glad he is feeling better. You know you can leave him with me anytime you need to.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Aunt June. I just may take you up on that. He'd love it.

Robbie said...

i cant wait till school aunt jenny


Jennifer said...

That's good. I'm glad that you are ready. It makes me feel good that you guys are getting excited. Maddie told me she was ready as well. It will be a great year.