Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zach's 3rd Birthday!

Last night we celebrated Zach's 3rd birthday even though it actually isn't until Sunday.
Zach had a Thomas party!
Unfortunately, my camera settings were not right and many of my pictures did not come out very well. Here is a shot with PaPaw in the background being rather silly!
But, anyway Zach ended up with some nice things and some money!
Here he is with Aunt Robbie.
Well, the little Conductor had a great time at his party. He and his mother were worn out. He climbed up into bed on his own and fell fast to sleep. Parties are tough for little conductors.


Robbie said...

Hey Zach, we had a great time at your birthday party. Thanks for inviting us. Happy 3rd Birthday.
Hugs and Kisses.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Zach! Wow, can't believe he's already 3! The party looked so cute, I remember doing a Thomas party for one of my little conductors a few years ago. Gotta love Thomas!