Friday, September 25, 2009


After school, I straightened the lunch room and the junior’s room, and I took these shots of the junior room.  I never posted any pictures after the redo this summer.  We used our ship from the banquet in the junior’s room, and I love it.    Dad totally secured the cardboard part of the ship as any perfectionist would.  He also rebuilt a smaller deck for the ship.     

School 2009-2010 064

School 2009-2010 065 School 2009-2010 066 School 2009-2010 068 School 2009-2010 069 School 2009-2010 070

We usually have around 24 kids each Sunday night.  It sure is nice to have a neat room prepared in which to teach  these kiddos about the love of Christ.    Thanks to everyone who helped to get the junior’s room ready for another year.    We are having a great time as we sail the Seven C’s.

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Robbie said...

Jenny, thanks for teaching in our school and also our juniors. You and Joel do a wonderful job. We sure do appreciate you.