Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camping out at School!

Well over the past month, I've been camping out at school. Well, not literally. However, I have been working on a new school outdoors theme and getting things organized for another school year.
Each student received a school survival kit on their first day of school. I did this my first year here.....I decided that most of the kids that were here wouldn't I did it again. I found some cute tags to print for each item on Tip Junkie. I was excited to find the paw print ribbon at WalMart to match with my big paw print on the front of the bag.
I had been eyeing this bear at Lowes in the garden center. It was already on sale, but I wanted it to go on sale even more. I told my mother-in-law about it. She caught it marked down even now I have it. Thanks Mom for the bear and for your help.
Our cabin reading corner!
My desk area.....(Sister Reece, is that big ole' chair bothering you? :) )
Now that school has started, maybe I can rest.... No, there's no time for resting. There's plenty of work to be done. We're having a GREAT YEAR already. I can see how much our kids have grown since we've begun ABEKA. I'm looking forward to an EXCITING YEAR!

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Brittany said...

It looks fantastic, as usual! Have a great school year!