Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Recent Dallas Weekend Getaway!

A couple of weekends ago, Joel, Zach, Dixie and I went to Dallas for a little time together before school started. Not too long after we settled into our room, Zach put his soap in the shower right in its own special place.
Zach and Dixie look out over the atrium outside our room!
Here's a special shot of Dixie who I'm sure is named after Tim and June's dog, Dixie.
Icecream after a meal is sooooo good!
We took a little trip on a train while we were away.
Zach watched as our train was being taken over by a band of ......
Thiefs..... Oh no! But that's ok! All went well!
We were able to visit the Zoo!
for Joel and Zach to see all the Zebras.....
elephants and monkeys. Well, I guess they were the biggest monkeys of all. I'm sure they felt right at home.
Well, we had a great little time! I just wish it were longer.


Melissa said...

Looks like you had fun, family time is so special. Sure do like Zack's Dixie.

June Robinson said...

I sure missed Zack last night. Hope he gets to feeling better, and you also.