Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One SCARY Night!


Saturday, Zach and I carved our first pumpkin!  I don’t guess it turned out too bad for beginners. 


WE put it out by the front door and waited for our trick or treaters. 

010 011


On Friday I made 55 treats to hand out to our little scary visitors.  We handed them all out and a whole basket of candy. 


Zach watched for our scary visitors.  One of them REALLY scared him! Needless to say, he scampered away with a frightened whimper. 


And then there were these scary creatures! 


Do you recognize any of them? 034

Joel even got in on the fun of handing out candy….


and taking Zach out for a little trick or treating.


But this little Thomas guy didn’t need too much trick or treating.  He was a sleepy guy who didn’t get a nap.


He was glad to see Autumn, Sara, Alex and Morgan.


Here are Sara, Alex, and Zach….the little messes in disguise.


We even tried Papa Murphey’s take and bake pizza that night.  It was good.  I really enjoyed the bread sticks.  It was nice being able to heat at our convenience. 

Well, what an exciting evening in our neighborhood! 

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Robbie said...

Love your Thomas costume, Zach. Did you get alot of candy?