Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Fall Vacation 2009!

       Branson 2009 092

This year we stayed at Big Cedar Lodge a few miles from Branson. 

Branson 2009 094  Big Cedar Lodge has its own marina, mini golf course, restaurants, gift shop, hiking trails, etc.Branson 2009 098

It is owned by Bass Pro Shops….so Joel and I expected it to be clean and nice.   It was!

Branson 2009 146

A stream that runs across the road at the lodge….

Branson 2009 093

Branson 2009 002  

We crossed over this swinging bridge to go eat at one of the eateries at the lodge.

   Branson 2009 080 

We went to Silver Dollar City one day-----the coldest day that we were in Branson.

 Branson 2009 057

We also went to the Landing several times where Zach got to ride Bob the Builder. We went to see several shows…..and of course we saw the Duttons again even though we have seen their show probably a dozen times.  Zach loved it….especially getting to watch all of those animals dance.

Branson 2009 066 Branson 2009 149

We went to see the trail of Christmas Lights….Zach loved getting to sit in the front seat and see them.

Branson 2009 007Branson 2009 018

Zach had a great time “swiding” and spending time with his daddy.

Branson 2009 108 Branson 2009 119

What a silly guy!  He was a wiggling and wiggling.  So his dad had Zach’s butterfly friend come talk to him.  Zach was making butterfly back.

Branson 2009 120 

Butterfly is probably landing right about now. 

Branson 2009 161

We also enjoyed eating at Lambert’s while we were on vacation.  The atmosphere at that place is so lively.  We enjoyed

Branson 2009 048 

some yummy fried okra and…. Branson 2009 053

hot ROLLS!  Branson 2009 157

So did….ZACH! 

As always…it is so easy to be discouraged at the end of a good vacation time with the ones you love.  But you have to think of the good things that lies ahead….like getting ready for Christmas. 


June Robinson said...

Love the pics Jenny. So glad you all had such a great time. Glad to have you back.

Brittany said...

Looks like a fun time! The pictures are so cute - especially like the close-up of Zachy's face :) So sweet!